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sunshinedisplaysystem LED outdoor screen is manufactured utilizing the most elevated quality LED parts offering shocking brilliance, differentiation and shading multiplication. Our LED outside screens have an IP65 waterproof rating meaning they are worked to withstand all climate conditions.

Regardless, the utilization of advanced video outside LED screens from sunshinedisplaysystem LED Screens connotes a fresh out of the box new phase of improvement in the zone of open air publicizing. Various articles have as of now talked about the qualities of introducing data on LED (Light Emitting Diode) screens versus the static outside stands.

Open air LED screens are accessible in the accompanying pixel pitch choices:

6.25mm, 7.81mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm

The littler the pixel pitch (separation between every pixel) the higher the determination and nearer the viewer can be remained to the screen.

Our outside LED screen has a much higher shine than its indoor partner, keeping in mind the end goal to convey brilliant and dynamic pictures even in direct daylight. Each of our LED screens is sent in module position permitting you the adaptability to make screens of any size. Alternatives are accessible for front or back administration access contingent upon your establishment.

sunshinedisplaysystem : A creative British screen producer

sunshinedisplaysystem LED outside screen is made to strict quality guidelines and come complete with free extra parts and a 2 year exhaustive guarantee.


Television studio

Sports stadiums and enclosures

Shows and live occasions

Building exteriors

Retail locations and malls

Air terminal, train and transport stations

Galleries and guest attractions